Mar 23, 2010

The Temple as the sign of wisdom

Do you remember the ones, we called them today as Jews, were chosen by God to be guide for humanity and they were supported with prophets and messiahs (christs) as Samuel I and II and Saul, David, Solomon? And during sovereign of Solomon, they had power to rule over whole world by coalition. And they were all wise kings and had ruled nations by wisdom, not by intrigue and cruelty. Jews were central bureaucrats and monks of that period.

The Temple on the Temple Mount had been built and blessed as diamond on ring to represent the brotherhood, harmony and wisdom of humanity. After Solomon, wisdom had been lost due to arrogance, covetousness, envy, meanness, etc. but struggle for power had been blazed up. By increase of struggle for power, unity had collapsed. Then each nation had tasted grudge of others nations and fractions in it. And Temple had been demolished since it lost its meaning by losing brotherhood, harmony and wisdom.

Second time, they had built Temple again by imagine of establishing such unity, but they could not achieve their purpose since no enough stress made on brotherhood, harmony and wisdom. And they had thought that the wish of God was to build and protect the Temple but as heard in the words of Jesus, and events after Him, wish of God is so apart from performing some rituals, and keeping some stones but it is to change the view point to humanity and the world.

So, Jews living during the period of Jesus were wanting and waiting a Christ to rule over the world as today's Jews. At the end, God sent the Jesus as the Christ but the side effects of waiting had started to be seen. Although Jesus was not showing but almost scattering many miracles to prove who he was, Jesus was not as the Christ that they waited. The Christ in their minds had had to act as a political leader of a nation, so He had had to focus to urge His nation against others and speak to provoke the superiority complex of His nation as a agitators and demagog but He acted as a moral teacher and a wise person.

He did not address to emotions of His people but their consciences by the words of “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men. You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven”. And He had shaken them and their understandings, comprehensions, and their established system. When the monks had opposed and resisted against Him, He had criticized them as they prevented people from the way of Moses, David and Solomon, and they made the way income method for themselves.

Of course, they could not forgive Jesus shaking their established system, even if He was the Christ wanted and waited for centuries. They had played many tricks, and arranged many smear campaigns against the Christ wanted and waited for centuries by their people. And the people wanting and waiting Him left Him alone and denied Him that they had welcomed Him as the Christ when He had entered into Jerusalem, and betrayed Him by nailing Him on Cross. But the Crossing had not completed, namely His legs had not broken and no spear had been stuck Him.

After Jesus, They had been punished by God by urging his paganist but strong creatures called Rome upon them. Romans wanted to built Jupiter Temple next the Temple of Solomon to show harmony of Rome that they had paid many attentions as a symbol and Jesus implied it and any other symbol did not have so importance against truth by saying He could demolish it and rebuilt in ten days. Of course they rejected this offer and Rome had destroyed the Temple and the city having name of Jerusalem namely Land of the Peace but not having the real Peace in it.

History is not the accumulation of coincidences but message of God to us. By preferring the pagaists against nation that He had chosen to guide humanity, God confirms the message of “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.

But sons of that people have still been waiting the Christ, and trying to build Temple, hence they have still continuing to same blindness as rest of the world. Because, as in the word of Jesus, important one is human not any stone, rock or anything else, and “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath”.

So how happy is one not paying attention on stones and other meaningless things but wisdom, harmony and brotherhood.

Feb 3, 2010

The Message

Jesus was the son of Saint Mary. She was the first girl dedicated to Temple by her mother before her birth. Before Jesus, she had spent her time by praying, fasting and mentioning the God as nuns. And she had never married or engaged to marry with anyone before her virgin pregnancy.

She had not impregnated by God or angel but God made her informed by angel on her pregnancy. So, creation of Jesus was similar with the creation of Adam. The God had said “be” and He had been.

After birth of Jesus, Saint Mary was ordered to go to Jerusalem, and also said that she had must sign that she was in fast and her Son would acquit her before people of Jerusalem. And there was the first sign/miracle of Jesus. When His mother pointed him to speak, He as a new born baby started to speak and acquited his mother and stated who he was.

Then Saint Mary and Jesus had been taken to Egypt by Joseph, the student and supporter of prophet Zechariah to protect them from prosecution and torture of King Herod. It is understood that Joseph and Saint Mary had been married and had many other children during that period.

In fact, it never means that Saint Mary had lost her purity and chastity by marring, because the thing making human dirty is not just to feel sensuality but to act by that feeling without taking its responsibility. And marriage is a declaration of intent to take responsibility. It is also valid for all other feelings in the heart of human.

Human can feel all these feelings of grudge, envy, anger, arrogance, pharisee, hostility, greed etc. since these feelings make life colorful, dynamic and active but they all must be controlled by human by mercy, wisdom, right, justice, contentedness, and death giving the actual meaning to this life and the world, and they must not control human. Although all these feelings have their own place in whole and harmony, but when those feelings control human, human becomes a monster not a real human.

After the death of Herod, they had returned to Jerusalem and grown under the supervision of Zechariah with John the Baptist. Later he went to other groups to know them. When the time had come, He started the Mission as the Christ, the demanded one to guide and salve them firstly from their prejudgments and conditionings.

And His main message can be found openly in Matta 5. But this message was not the message waited by Jewish community as our predecessors. They were waiting message as message of political leaders. In their opinion, He had must speak in accordance with their acceptances and must approve their practices but He had never accepted to approve their practices but could not approve them since their practices were as the practice of Pharaoh not Moses.

He never said new words but repeated the words of previous chosen ones, since there is just one truth and all had charged to remind the truth to the people. And the Truth is as in the expression of "we have one lord and if we want salve ourselves, we must firstly disclaim ourselves".

But His people had not followed His words, since these words had charged them responsibility against others. And this is very hard way to walk for humans since they never want to be servant, slave but want to be ones chosen and blessed by God as kings, popes, stars etc. In fact, human is blessed by God just by serving and taking care of others not trying to be ruler or god of them. Unfortunately, as I said above, being servant or slave is a mission disdained by most of humans.

So, how happy is one who hears the word of Christ and follows them as guidance for salvation.

Jan 10, 2010

The Christ to be followed

As you know, the word of Christ comes from Greek word “Khristós” as translation of Hebrew word Messiah. It means the the anointed one, namely the one chosen by God to salvation of Jews and then humanity.

In fact, during all crisis period, humans under trouble seek a salvor to salvage them from that circumstance.

In bible, for example, Moses was a salvor for Hebrews as downtrodden people of Egypt under cruelty of Pharaoh. They had followed the Moses and then salvaged. But later, they had not wanted to follow the Moses any more and they had been punished.

As Moses, Saul was also a messiah for Hebrews chosen by God and anointed by prophet Samuel I. He had also been supported by his people and gained victory over others.

As others, Jesus was also a messiah firstly but not only Hebrews under pressure of Rome. He had shown many signs/miracles to prove that He was the Christ demanded by faithful prays of Hebrews from God to be salvaged. But He had not called them to support Him with their swords but their hearts. Because nobody could guarantee that ones supporting just with swords supported Him for truth, justice or goodness and no christ could act just a political leader of peoples that He appeared in.

According to gospels, He said in brief that “if you want to govern all world, firstly you must govern yourselves” and “if you want to correct all humanity, first of all you must correct yourselves”, and obviously said "sabbath is for humans, but humans not for sahbbat" namely the rules for humans and not humans for rules.

This main message was not the message waited by Hebrews. They had not demanded a Messiah from God to correct themselves and shake their established system but he had to guide them as a King not a moral teacher. And also His message had shaken the status of Jewish scholars.

And then Jewish scholars had started a campaign against Jesus. And when the supporter of Jesus the Christ faced with campaign of established system (status quo) represented by scholars (monks), so the ones seen his miracles and confirmed that He was the Chirst had left Him alone, even His most faithful supporter Peter had denied Him three times before crow.

They had not just left him alone but also denied him and then betrayed him by choosing Barabbas when Pilate had wanted them to choose one of the two whilst they had welcomed Him as the Christ when He entered into Jarusalem.

But later, the main massage had been removed by a man presenting himself as representative of Jesus and transforming Him from the One to be followed to the God to be worshiped as pagans' other Gods as Apollon, Mitra, Osiris etc.

So, how happy is he/she who tries to be salt of the world by performing goodness for all as in His words in gospels.

Nov 28, 2009

The Truth


Indeed, so many humans have lived on the earth and also many words have been said, what is the truth and how can we find it?

Here, we will try to find answers of these questions and also some other questions on meaning of christ as guide to turth, and their activities in history and also try to understand the Jesus as most popular christ by expressions in gospels and other relavant books.